Your privacy is important to us here, and therefore, we do not collect any financial information, or personal information from this website. Nowhere on this domain will you find a receptacle for such information. The only information that this domain will collect is anonymous, and collected using Google Analytics. These analytical data sets are monitored for keyword association, data flows such as user origination (advertising, maps, direct, organic search).

In order to serve the customer better, we need to understand a little more about the digital footprint we cast. Items such as keyword association allow for this domain to further evolve and adapt to the ever changing internet of things. Take for instance, when was first launched, only 3% of our traffic was derived from mobile, the remainder was desktop. Now, in January 2018, with the re-launch of the website, over 70% of the traffic is mobile based (i.e., ios, android.). does not sell any client information to third parties, nor do we participate in any purchasing any information regarding potential clients (spam). By using this website you acknowledge this privacy clause.